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Meet Witty Tarbox. The funky surf-rock jam band hailing from Buffalo, NY that just packed the Town Ballroom to celebrate the release of their debut album, Origins of Schmitty. Comprised of Cody Tarbox (bass), Bryan Williams (guitar/vocals), Alex Khoury (guitar/vocals), Seth Bykowski (saxophone) and Colin Gray (drums), this band has quickly made a name for themselves in the WNY music scene.

This year they made their debut at Night Lights Music Festival (2 sets), and have opened for notable bands such as Consider the Source, Litz, Magic Beans and Too Many Zoos. Witty Tarbox has a fun, loose style of performing that has attracted sit-ins from Mike Gantzner (Aqueous), Rob Compa (Dopapod), Casey Russel (Magic Beans) and Austin Litz (Litz). Packed full of surprise guests combined with DIY props and costumes, they've made themselves a can't miss act.


"Witty Tarbox has become a staple in the WNY music scene. Their shows are always high-energy, fun and most importantly, weird. One thing you will hear walking through the crowd at any Witty Tarbox show is “Wow these guys are really good, but they’re weird!” As a band, they pride themselves in that. For their album release party they asked everyone to wear costumes and go all out weird, and all out weird it was. Their performances bring a fun new take to the jam band scene."

- Maddi Annunziata (NYS Music)


"Origins Of Schmitty is anchored by the pulsing rhythm created by Tarbox and Gray. Khoury and Williams’ blend of guitar rhythms and leads deliver a strong groove and at times a sense of urgency throughout the album. Bykowski’s work on saxophone adds a high energy hook and is tastefully deployed throughout the album. Highlights from the album include the pop-esque track “Fa Napoli,” upbeat track “Goodbye Jackie,” and instrumental “Kokiri” which features Aqueous guitarist Mike Gantzer on guitar."

- Show The Show


“Witty Tarbox is known for storytelling through the use of characters, glued together with infectious melodies, catchy lyrics, and groovy rhythms. In just a short amount of time, they have captivated audiences with their stage presence and antics, allowing them to gather a rapidly growing following, states their bio. And they’re 100% right — they are infectious, catchy and groovy all in one package. Origins of Schmitty is worth a listen (or seven consecutive listens)."

- Courtney Guttonberg (Mirth Films)




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